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Something about the gray day and the dark beauty has me brooding over nothing. As I wander around campus, the silence is comforting but there’s only one place I want be.

I make my way to the other side of campus and run across the street to the one building that I can hide from the world in. As soon as my foot hits the first step leading up to the doors, a sense of calm overtakes me. I tiptoe up the remaining steps and brace myself to pull open the heavy wooden door. It opens noiselessly with my efforts, and closes behind me just as quietly. I release a sigh of relief, and walk over to the Holy Water font, slowly dipping my fingers in and blessing myself. I open the second set of doors and slip into the main part of the chapel, sweeping my eyes over the pews and observing that I’m the only one there.

I make my way over to the tabernacle, genuflecting before it, and then kneeling. I spend some time praying about the things that are weighing on my heart, before sitting back for some quiet reflective time. The chapel is absolutely silent, and I’m alone with my thoughts, trying desperately to find answers to my questions. But I’m getting nothing. So finally I just stare at the tabernacle, with a blank mind.

I don’t know how long I was sitting there before something in the air changed. It was undeniable. I went from thinking and feeling nothing, to being very aware of a Presence; one that was completely silent, but had the force of a hurricane….and I was in the eye of this storm of Love.


I may not have gotten the answers I was looking for, but I could feel the incredible power of my Lord.

He was asking me to be still and know that He was God.
It was a call I heeded, and I didn’t regret it…because that’s when silence speaks.

~Alexis Grace

4 Responses to “When Silence Speaks”

  • “….in the eye of this storm of Love.”
    That line right there, says it all! I don’t think there is a more beautiful feeling in the whole-wide-world, than the feeling of that One Holy Presence…the Holy Spirit, right there with you.
    This is SO beautifully written, Alexis Grace. And I promise you, all of the answers will come, in His sweet and perfect timing.

  • MaryAnn says:

    Isn’t that the truth! There is nothing like feeling God’s peace and love when we are in his presence. The feeling of his arms wrapped around you and knowing he is with you through it all. All of life’s trials and joys. Even though sometimes it seems like we don’t get our answers just remember God’s always working behind the scenes and we will know in his time.
    Thank you Alexis for sharing your beautiful experience.

  • Ann Demos says:

    When I was a young girl, 14, I was excited to attend a girl’s Catholic boarding school, in a new country, Australia, because my father had taken a 2 year commitment to work in Indonesia. I was going to go to a “boarding school” for 9th grade at Loreto Convent, in Perth, Western Australia! My brother was enrolled at “Scotch College”, a Presbyterian boy’s secondary school. It was culture shock, homesickness, sadness, loneliness, a fore-lorn feeling compounded with fear/anxiety/depression that would BE God’s calling and HIS invitation to TRUST and MERCY and GRACE! The first thing I thought to do (by the Grace of God)–was to attend daily MASS (6 a.m. every morning, with only the Nuns as those who attended with me!). This is what the Lord brought to mind as you describe your desire to seek God, Alexis Grace!

    • Alexis Grace says:

      Wow! That’s quite the experience Mrs. Demos. I am so glad that the Mass was such a comfort to you during that time…at only 14 years old! I can’t imagine going to school on the other side of the world. Your little testimony is a great reminder that God is always working in our lives, even if it’s not in the way we want Him to. God bless.

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