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Every Christian hopes for one thing when they die: life eternal with God. We all want God to look at us, describe the ways in which we pleased Him, and say to us, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

 I wrote this poem as a reflection of just that.

“I hope to die in a state of grace.
I hope I am immediately engulfed
by the presence of my Lord.
I hope He looks at me and smiles.
I hope He says,
“My child, I’ve taken you home to Me.
It’s time.
You’ve endured the trials of earthly life,
long enough now.
You heeded My Word when I said,
‘Produce good fruit as evidence
of your repentance.’
You bore good fruit,
therefore you will not be cut down.
You will not be thrown into the fire.
You fought for Me,
throughout your life,
starting at a young age.
You served many people,
therefore you served Me.
You served My Church,
with your life’s work.
You fought intensely,
for the Fullness of Truth,
tried to spread it as far as you could.
You suffered much grief because of it,
mocked for your faith by some,
left broken-hearted by others.
But still you persevered.
You won over many for Me,
by your sincere faith
and steady demonstration.
You used your gifts
for the glory of My Church.
You stumbled and fell,
along the way,
you doubted My will,
and fell into human error.
But you kept the good fight.
You ran the race.
You are my beloved child,
with whom I am well pleased.
Well done, my good and faithful servant;
enter into the joy of your Master.”

~Alexis Grace

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