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“One day you are born, no one asked you if you wanted to live.

But now you are living. Sometimes it’s nice for you. Sometimes instead you are sad. There are many things you don’t understand. You are alive, but why are you alive? With your hands you must help reorder the world. With your mind you must learn to distinguish good and evil. With your heart you must love people, and help them when you can. There are many tasks that await you. They await our hands, our mind, and our heart.”
~Blessed Chiara Luce Badano

I was recently scrolling through the notes app on my iPod, and found this quote that I copied down in 2014. I liked the quote because it’s a basic, but extremely important message, said in the simple language of a girl who died when she was not much younger than I am now.

I especially like the part where she says:


We can only do this by serving others as Christ would. If we live a life of self-service, then we are living our lives in the most selfish possible way. We were created to help others, and by helping others, we make the world a better place. We help to reorder the world so that Christ has more of a presence within it, through our example.

~Alexis Grace

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