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This post is the first out of three in a series I call, ‘Come Holy Spirit!’ The title reflects my personal experiences from this past July, which focuses on receiving my Sacrament of Confirmation, and also my experience at CatholicTV as a co-host providing live television coverage of World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  I have 2 hopeful purposes for sharing this piece of my life with you. 

  • To express how much it meant to me, to celebrate the beautiful Sacrament of Confirmation, in the hope that those of you who are preparing to make your own Confirmation will appreciate it as much as I do, and understand why it’s such a big step in your journey as a young Catholic!
  • To show you that with the help of the Holy Spirit, you can do anything!!!

I hope you enjoy this personal witness series!



July 20-28, 2013, was probably the biggest, most exciting eight days of my 16-year-old life. It started with final preparations for my Confirmation; an event that I had waited almost six years for.

Six years.

I think about those six years, and all they represent. The beginning of those six years is marked by a re-birth of my faith, (maybe I will tell you that story another time,) that just kind of spiraled upward from there. It sparked a desire to become an altar server, and to be closer to the mystery of the Eucharist. That desire gave me the courage to step up onto the Sanctuary, to be in front of a whole church-full of people. It inspired me to become the best altar server I could. I read the whole Bible on three separate occasions. I asked the priests in my life countless questions. I played ‘Undercover Missionary’ for a while, by hiding business cards with Bible verses at the grocery store, and other places around town. I read many faith-based books, even those beyond my comprehension. I volunteered as a group leader for VBS four years in a row. I taught a summer CCD class for two weeks, and then endured 2 years of CCD classes myself, to learn about the Sacrament of Confirmation. Certain situations made it necessary for me to defend my faith, on many, (MANY,) separate occasions. Six years. That’s six years in a nutshell, and only a small part of the whole story. It seemed like an eternity, because I had wanted to make my Confirmation so badly, for such a long time.

Six years…

Flash forward: It was finally the day before my Confirmation.

My family and I took a day trip to a nearby shrine, so we could spend a day in prayer and preparation for this big week. The shrine that we went to was beautiful, and the hundreds of dragonflies added to the peaceful, Holy Spirit-filled atmosphere. In fact, there were so many, that all you had to do was put your hand out, and a dragonfly would land on your fingers. We <3 dragonflies. 🙂




We reflected on the Stations of the Cross, following a path that wound through the woods…


learned more about the visitation of our Lady of Fatima…


and lit a candle and said a prayer for my two deceased grandparents.
We also climbed up a set of stone steps to a statue of the Crucified Christ. 



The grounds also features a giant rosary, made out of an anchor, chain, and boulders. The anchor represents the Crucifix of a rosary, and the boulders represent each bead.


  As my family and I prayed it, thunder rolled in the distance, and we jokingly began to sing “Praise You In This Storm” by Casting Crowns.

When we finished the rosary, we entered the shrine’s chapel, to receive Reconciliation. The chapel was beautiful, with stained glass windows and hundreds of lit candles. Gregorian chant played in the background, making the wait for Confession very peaceful. It always feels great to walk out after Reconciliation, and, since we left soon after, it was the perfect ending to our afternoon at the shrine. I was thankful to have had this time with my family, and be able to prepare for the whirlwind week I had ahead of me.


That night I didn’t fall asleep until around two in the morning, for a couple of reasons. 

1. I was nervous about doing the Second Reading at my Confirmation Mass the next morning. (My first time ever lectoring!) 

2. It was hot that night, and my room wasn’t much cooler than the muggy night air.

3. There was a thunderstorm that was practically right over our house. Since I’m on the second floor, with not even an attic over my room, it gets pretty loud up there. :/

But, (around two in the morning,) the thunder subsided, and my constant stream of ‘Hail Marys’ calmed me down enough that I fell asleep. (I always pray the Hail Mary when I’m nervous. I learned that little trick from my mama. Thanks Mama!)

To be continued… 

5 Responses to “Come Holy Spirit! (Part 1)”

  • Matthew says:

    Hey there. My name is Matthew and I just stumbled on to your blog after searching for a song titled “shine” by an unknown artist (you don’t happen to know it do you?) and the mention of the word “Catholic” caught my eye on your blog so I browsed for just a bit. I honestly don’t know what to say. I am absolutely blown away. Where I come from in the US almost no one practices the Catholic faith. Certainly not anyone in high school. To see a young woman such as yourself actively engaged in pursuing her faith is astounding. And not just actively engaged but seeking to live it with fervor and seeking to share the faith with others. I am completely amazed and filled with new hope in what God is doing with young people these days. Your blog has lifted my heart so thanks be to God for that and thank you for participating in this beautiful endeavor. Keep pursuing the Lord. Keep living the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic faith! You have been blessed in a very unique way. Share your blessing with the world. I will say a prayer for you that you may be given the grace to continue to radiate Christ’s love to the world. God bless!

    “No one lights a lamp to put it under a tub; they put it on the lamp-stand where it shines for everyone in the house. In the same way your light must shine in the sight of men, so that, seeing your good works, they may give the praise to your Father in heaven.” -Matthew 5:15-16

    • Alexis Grace says:

      @Matthew: Thank you so much for your feedback! It was a great start to my day, to receive such an encouraging comment from you! I’m sure you are a shining Catholic light in your community. 🙂 If you want to, you can email subscribe to my blog using the form in the top left corner of my blog, or you can LIKE my Facebook page at:
      In answer to your question, if you were listening to a Christian radio station, you may have heard ‘Shine’ by Jeremy Camp…it’s part of his latest album called ‘Reckless’. Here is a link to the official music video so you can take a listen, and let me know if that’s the song you heard!
      Once again, thank you so much for your encouragement, and I hope to hear from you again some time! ~Alexis Grace

  • Bruce says:

    Maniac magee might be the best book ever.

  • Matthew says:

    I don’t have Facebook, but thank you for the offer. And I finally found the song I was looking for. It turns out it was not titled “Shine”, but instead “Come Awake” by the David Crowder Band. If you have heard it you will know why I thought it was called “Shine”. Thank you for your help and suggestion though! I also wanted to let you know of a music artist that you may enjoy. You have probably already heard of her, but I really like the music of Danielle Rose. I think you would like her too. Check out her website here at Her music is very deep and very Catholic. When I hear her songs, there is such depth that I am pulled into a meditation nearly every time. Some of my favorite songs by her are “Give and Take”, “Crown of Thorns”, “The Saint That Is Just Me”, “See You In The Eucharist” and “Abraham’s Offering”. She has a lot of other good ones as well. Check these (and others) out on youtube and tell me what you think! Keep up the good work being a daughter of God!

  • Alexis Grace says:

    @Matthew: Awesome! I will definitely check out that song by the David Crowder Band, and I will also give Danielle Rose a listen! Thanks for the suggestions. 🙂

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