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*****Prelude Note: This is a fictional short story I wrote, inspired by a still photo I had seen of a name tag. When searching for an appropriate video to accompany my short written piece, I was blown away to find this song/video that is SO perfectly fitting.  It’s as if they were somehow made for each other. I don’t even know what to think of the that. But I do hope you enjoy both.*****

Name Tags

by Alexis Grace

Blue Nametag

I stuck my name tag on my shirt.

It had an orange border -my favorite color- and read “Hello, my name is Alexis.” I took a survey of the room full of people, but didn’t recognize one single face. Taking a deep breath, I walked up to a small group of people, and introduced myself. I listened to their chatter for a few minutes, but said little. Apparently, they all knew each other from school, so I couldn’t relate to their conversations. I excused myself, and went in search of a drink.

That’s when I saw Read the rest of this entry »

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