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This past Spring, I went on an amazing retreat with my LifeTeen friends. We were located at a camp with multiple cabins, all kinds of sports fields and courts, a lake with a boat dock, and a balcony on the ‘mess hall’. It was beautiful.

But even more beautiful was how we ended our time at the camp before going to celebrate Mass: we affirmed each other.

While all of our favorite Christian songs played, we each were given a poster to wear on our backs. (I kind of felt like a little turtle walking around.) Once we all chose a marker, (in our favorite colors of course!) we all began to write little messages on each other’s posters. The messages could be a short complement, or a longer note, and they could be signed or anonymous.

I had a blast doing it.

I wrote on all of my friends’ posters, posters of new people I had met, people I didn’t get a chance to meet, and all of the CORE members. Of course, they all wrote on my poster too. After maybe 45 minutes, we were told to find a quiet place and read our posters.

I chose to sit on my cabin’s steps, Read the rest of this entry »

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